Thank you, Union County, for voting The Four Paws Resort your favorite Groomer 2011 - 2022! Our professional groomers have extensive training and experience with dogs of all breeds and cuts. Grooming is available Monday through Saturday, by appointment only. Call to reserve your spot today!

Grooming Services

We can do a quick bath or a whole package, including hair cut, nail trim, and ear cleaning.

  • Bath
  • Deshed Treatment*
  • Ear Cleanings
  • Hair Coloring
  • Haircut & Style
  • Nail Trims
  • Teeth Brush

*The Deshed Treatment includes a bath with a special deshedding shampoo and conditioner. The stylist will then spend additional time deshedding the coat with special deshedding tools.

Thera-Clean Difference

Thera-clean is not your typical bath; it is a hypo allergenic therapy bath that not only deep cleans the hair of your pet, but more importantly, it deep cleans the skin using micro bubbles. To ensure an even deeper clean, we add an all-natural plant enzyme that helps loosen the dirt and debris that is stuck on the skin wall that we can’t see.  

Thera-Clean Benefits & Additional Information

A Thera-Clean bath reduces odor, reduces itching, ensures no additional skin irritation, and improves results of other skin therapies that your groomer or veterinarian may be recommending.

What are micro bubbles? The Thera-Clean system creates millions and millions of tiny bubbles that penetrate the hair follicles and skin pores while not passing through the epidermis.

How do micro bubbles compare to medicated shampoos? Micro bubbles work on a much deeper level than soaps or shampoos. The micro bubble therapy allows medication whether administered in the form of a shampoo or orally to function much better due to improved pore and hair follicle condition.  

How will my pet respond to the Thera-Clean bath? Thera-Clean is gentle on your pet and an enjoyable experience helping to relieve any of their daily stress. Thera-Clean therapy is perfectly safe and can be used daily if necessary.

Appointments & Rates

Please give us a call to schedule a grooming appointment. If your dog is joining us for boarding or daycare, please be sure to mention that as well, as we can coordinate their grooming appointment with their stay with us.

Rates vary based on the breed of dog, size, coat length, and condition.

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